General Dentistry


Tooth Extractions

The aim of dental treatments is to help you retain your natural teeth for the longest possible time, but in some cases, extraction is the only option to protect your oral health. Extraction refers to the removal of a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. At the office of Dean Israel and Associates, we provide comfortable extraction services for a variety of reasons including damage and decay that cannot be repaired, impacted wisdom teeth and overcrowded teeth. We make use of local anesthesia, oral sedation, IV sedation and laughing gas sedation (as applicable) to help our patients stay comfortable during the procedure.

The process of extracting a tooth begins by taking an X-ray of the site. This helps to plan the best way to remove the tooth, depending upon its position and condition. Local anesthesia and sedation are administered before the procedure starts. In most cases, patients only feel some pressure but no pain while the tooth is being removed. Sometimes, a tooth may have to be extracted in pieces instead of being pulled out at once. After removing the tooth, the extraction site is cleaned and flushed, and stitches are placed if needed. A piece of gauze is placed at the extraction site, and you are asked to bite on it for some time so that a blood clot can form. We will also give you instructions for post-surgical care.