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Night guard for Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

Have you woke up in the morning with pain near the hinges of your jaws? Do your molars ache every time you clench your teeth? You may be clenching your teeth and grinding them in your sleep. Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, can be a habit difficult or even impossible to control, since often it’s a habit that only occurs while completely asleep. During waking hours, we may clench our teeth without even realizing it, often as the result of stress and anxiety. This is a fairly common issue for many people, and fortunately there is treatment for the condition.

One of the best general dentistry treatments for Bruxism is an appliance called a Nightguard. While its most often worn at night, many patients find it very useful to wear in stressful situations such as driving in traffic, or even non-stressful situations where bruxism occurs, such as working on a computer or reading a book. Nightguards are available in partial or full-coverage splints, usually made of hard or soft plastic or acrylic.

Signs and symptoms of tooth grinding and clenching include excessive tooth wear, tooth fractures and hypersensitive teeth. You may wake up due to a grinding or tapping noise during sleep. This noise can be surprisingly loud. Noises are rarely associated with awake bruxism. Symptoms which affect the tongue may include a burning sensation on the tongue, possibly related to “tongue thrusting” or indentations of the teeth in the tongue.

The jaw is also impacted by grinding. Increase in the size of the muscles that move the jaw, tenderness, pain or fatigue of the muscles which may get worse during chewing or other jaw movement, restricted mouth opening, tenderness or clicking of the temporomandibular joints (the area where your jaw hinges together) are all fairly common side effects of teeth grinding.

The dentist-administered mouth guard offers the best protection and comfort. All our nightguards and splints are made to professional Australian standards. They are easy to clean, durable, comfortable as well as highly resistant to wear and tear. Our custom-fitted dental devices will in no way restrict your speech or breathing.

Treatment with our night guards and splints has the following benefits:

• Conditions the patient to drop the habit

• Reduces the grinding pressure transferred to the teeth

• Prevents the wearing of the teeth’s biting surfaces

• Prevents enamel erosion that can result in exposure of soft dentine

• Lowers risks of bruxism-related tooth decay, tooth fracture and gum recession

• Minimises the grinding noise associated with the sleep disorder

• Guards against structural problems with the jaw and teeth due to the excessive grinding

• Prevents TMJ Disorders

• Prevents pain and discomfort associated with sleep bruxism


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